Philosophy of Leadership Development

Community service is a critical component of TCLD’s program. This was taken after picking up trash on Colina.

TCLD’s philosophy of leadership development is built around three components:

  • Knowing – Emphasis on knowlege.
  • Doing – Emphasis on service.
  • Being – Emphasis on character.

Each component is equally essential to the development of a well-rounded leader.  TCLD’s programs address these in various ways. 

Towards the end of knowlege acquisition, TCLD offers courses that teach proven leadership principles.  Each class is structured not as a lecture, but instead as a venue for analytical discussion.

One of the key components to being a leader is a passion for serving others.  TCLD addresses the “doing”component by facilitating community service events such as garbage pick-ups. 

The last component, “character,”  influences all of what TCLD does.  John Maxwell says, “Your success stops where your character stops. You can never rise above the limitations of your character.” Throughout all of our courses and events, we strive to develop character that is marked by love, competance, passion, and integrity.

Knowing, Doing, and Being is what TCLD is about.  We want to help you to embody all three components and become a true leader.


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